SOM Tech
SOM Tech provides leadership and advocacy across the School of Medicine’s technology spectrum, from research to program incubation to data security.

We Listen

We hear from around 350 people each year and provide consultation on everything from your new digital product ideas (grant ideas, process improvements, new programs!) to meeting contractual security obligations and proactively managing security risks to creating real working software and advocating for the right tools and services.

We Focus on People

We focus on people and collaboration through our work with innovators, researchers, and faculty across UCSF to unpack and better understand the context of a project, user needs, and existing technologies. We prioritize innovative and equity-centered consulting and working with industry methodologies throughout our work across the digital transformation lifecycle, from discovery to development and handoff.

We Collaborate

We take our role as technology advocates seriously and, in addition to working directly with clients, we serve on various IT Governance subcommittees, work groups, and collaboratives across the enterprise and UC system.

We are Committed to Inclusion

We work to ensure our programs, digital products, services, and workplace are accessible, equitable and inclusive of all identities and lived experiences.