SOM Tech IDEA Commitment

SOM Tech is committed to the principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-ableism, and Anti-racism (IDEA).

Our vision

In support of Differences Matter, SOM Tech is committed to ensuring our programs, digital products, services, and workplace are accessible, equitable and inclusive of all identities and lived experiences.

Our commitment to diverse perspectives and abilities

SOM Tech seeks to include a wide range of perspectives, attitudes, and abilities when designing and building digital products and services through partnership and collaboration. We use a variety of participatory and human centered techniques with the goal of re-balancing the power dynamic between us (the technologists) and the wider community who use or benefit from our products and services.

Our commitment to an equitable and inclusive work culture

SOM Tech strives to optimize equity and inclusion in our culture by embedding IDEA principles into all the work we do. We are committed to learning, listening, and collaborating with the wider UCSF community.

Our commitment to digital accessibility

SOM Tech strives to ensure that our work is truly useful and open to all by focusing on diverse perspectives and abilities. This effort includes testing our products and services for accessibility as part of our QA (Quality Assurance) process and conducting usability testing with people who rely on assistive technologies to access digital environments. View our Digital Accessibility Commitment.