We are technology advocates who provide leadership across the School of Medicine’s technology spectrum, from research to development to data security. We collaborate across the enterprise and use industry methodologies to create digital products, meet security needs, advocate for tools and services, and help find the right solutions.

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Single Point of Contact

We’re eager to listen and learn more about your grant and program ideas, process improvements, security and compliance requirements, and software needs. Advice is always free, and we can spend up to 8-12 hours working with you to better understand what you’re looking for and where to direct you.

Get started by emailing us at [email protected].

We’re excited to work together.



We’re passionate about making technology work for the School of Medicine. We participate in various IT governance subcommittees and partner with colleagues in the Research Data Guild and across UCSF to advocate for the right tools and services.

Data Security

SOM Tech helps you navigate security requirements in policies or contracts and implement strategies that protect data and mitigate risks—without slowing the pace of discovery. We're proud to serve as the School of Medicine’s data security compliance champion.

Design & Discovery

We use design thinking, human-centered design, and inclusive design best practices to define your value proposition, navigate obstacles, and move projects forward - fast. Get a head start on designing your next digital product with our Product Toolkit.

Business Process

Our business process team uses various methods—including Lean—to discover, model, analyze, measure, and improve processes across people, systems, information, and technology in support of business strategy.

Solution Architecture

SOM Tech's solution architects and business analysts excel at evaluating business needs and determining how technology can support them through leveraging hardware, software, and infrastructure.

Agile Product Development

Our agile development approach—plan, estimate, execute, track, refine, repeat—ensures every aspect of your digital product is flexible, functional, and built to respond to change.


 We use industry methodologies in our work with UCSF innovators, researchers, and faculty to unpack and better understand the context of a project, user needs, and existing technologies.



In addition to hearing from around 350 people each year and providing consultation, SOM Tech advocates for technology needs and provides expertise in partnering with colleagues across the enterprise, from IT governance to security workgroups to our Research Data Guild collaboration.

Research Data Guild Partners

  • Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute (BCHSI)
  • Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
  • Population Health Data Initiative (PDHI)
  • UCSF Library
  • UCSF Health Clinical Systems
  • Community Partnerships

IT Governance

  • Steering Committee (ITGSC)
  • Committee on Enterprise Information & Analytics (EIA)
  • Committee on Research Technology (CRT)
    • RISDC
  • Committee on Communications Technology (CCT)
    • Digital Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Committee on Technology and Architecture (CTA)
  • Committee on Education Technology (CET)
  • Digital Diagnostics and Therapeutics Sub-Committee of Clinical Governance (DD&T)

IT Security

  • IT Security Technical Workgroup
  • IS-3 Advisory Committee

Product Toolkit

Unsure how to begin designing your digital product?

Use SOM Tech's Product Toolkit to help facilitate conversations among your product team and successfully move from discovery, design, and development to product launch.

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